What's new in January 2022

January 27, 2022

Six new books which published in 2021 have been added to What Everyone Needs to Know®. Find out more:

  • Civil Resistance, by Erica Chenoweth, provides a basic empirical introduction to what everyone should know about civil resistance, discussing patterns of civil resistance in fairly general terms. It focuses on global trends, patterns, and dynamics rather than in- depth accounts of specific historical examples of nonviolent resistance. 
  • Depression, by Jonathan Rottenberg, is the essential go-to guide both for understanding what we know about the causes of depression and the depression epidemic and for learning what to do about it. This book offers guidance for navigating the bewildering marketplace of treatment options and combatting the misinformation and myths that still surround this condition.  
  • Gender, by Laura Erickson-Schroth and Benjamin Davis, serves as an introduction to the topic of gender. The book explores many questions, providing basic definitions and tracing the history of gender as a concept; the role of biology, psychology, and culture on gender; and gender norms over time and across the globe. 
  • Robots, by Phil Husbands, presents a balanced and broad introduction to robotics and the current state of the field, analyzing where it has come from and where it might go in the future. It discusses the history of robotics and its complex relationship with popular culture, the technology underlying robots, and what they might be able to do in the future. 
  • Sustainability, by Paul B. Thompson and Patricia Norris, presents a systems thinking approach to sustainability by answering questions on the meaning of sustainability in business, ecology, environmental quality, and economic development. The book includes a discussion of how practices in the sciences, education, religion, and the arts are changing in response to the need for improving sustainability. 
  • Yemen, by Asher Orkaby, provides a broad-ranging, historical overview of Yemen and its peoples that focuses in particular on the contemporary situation. It covers the country's major political figures and ethnic groups, explaining the origins of each and their impact on contemporary national politics. 


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