Press Release: the launch of the What Everyone Needs to Know® series

November 17, 2020

The What Everyone Needs to Know® flagship series is now available online.

"The new online version of What Everyone Needs to Know® is designed with our users in mind: easy-to-use search and browse tools to allow researchers, lecturers, and students to find the content they need quickly. Integrated technology also makes it easy for readers to share precise content with colleagues and students, facilitating seminar discussions and sparking essay ideas. There is no shelf life for the digital product so users can return to online pages again and again, year after year [...] David Clark, Managing Director of OUP’s Academic Division, said, 'With access to libraries restricted, it is more important than ever that we have access to rigorous and reliable information about the world we live in. Our What Everyone Needs to Know® books celebrate nuanced debate and, by bringing them online for the first time, we are able to ensure that research and learning continue and, thanks to the possibilities of the digital world, are even enhanced.'"

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