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What Everyone Needs to Know: Business Ethics is a first guide for both businesspeople facing real-life dilemmas, as well as students studying ethical questions. This succinct, practical business ethics book uniquely surveys materials from moral philosophy, behavioral science, corporate law, negotiations, leadership, whistleblowing, and surviving prosecutions, and doses them with practical advice. Written in the short question-and-answer style of the “What Everyone Needs to Know” series, this accessible resource provides engaging and readable introductions to the basic principles of business ethics, and it is your invaluable guide for dealing with ethical dilemmas. Read More.


JANUARY 26, 2023

What's new in 2023

9 new books have been added to What Everyone Needs to Know®...

JUNE 8, 2022

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MAY 19, 2022

New Publication: 'What Everybody Needs to Know about Islam (2 ed.)'

'WENTK Islam (2 ed.)' is now available online...